Keep Your Used Car in Top Shape in Minnesota

car maintenance for used carsDuring the winter months you want to make sure your car is in tip top shape and in doing so you have to make sure you take care of the following items. The list is not long but it can help you keep your car in running shape for years to come.

Now we call this winter car maintenance for the most part.

  • You want to check your wipers. Wipers usually last about 6-12 months. You want to make sure that your wipers make your windshield visible. You want to be safe out on the road.
  • Wiper fluid is another thing you want to check. Topping this off can help can also help with visibility. Wiper fluid doesn’t freeze so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Having your battery checked is a good idea. Especially if you have your car parked outside in cold winter conditions. If your battery is low, you should have it replaced.
  • The good news is that newer cars usually have coolant that lasts up to five years. If your car is older than that and hasn’t been serviced? You will want to have the coolant flushed and refilled.
  • Checking your tires will keep you save. You don’t want to spin out on the road and having low tread tires is risky during the winter months. There are new designs and compounds that are more effective on the road.
  • For every degree drop your tires lose a pound of air. So, its good measure to have your tires pumped up when it gets cold outside. Driving on low tires is dangerous rather in snow or rain.
  • You want to make sure your headlights are clean and not clear and dirty. You can wax your headlights, so icicles don’t form on them.
  • You should check your owner’s manual to see when you should have your oil changed. I try and change my oil every 5,000 miles. But with newer cars some car makers say every 7-10k miles is fine. You should also do a pre-winter oil change it prepares your engine for a hard winter.
  • Have your brakes checked its important when its slippery out. Have them looked at if you notice any difference in performance.

used car maintenance in MinnesotaSo, this should help you prepare your car for a continuing winter if you haven’t already done this.

If your looking for a car that is reliable for winter driving, we can help you get connected with a car dealership that fits your needs for a new or used car in Minnesota.

Used vehicles are becoming more and more popular on the road and are a bit more of a cheaper option loan wise than a new car. Used cars seem to hold their value for longer as long as you keep the car maintenance up. Start with our used car form today

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