Who Negotiates Better For Cars Men or Women?

subprime car loans in Atlanta gaAre women better negotiators than men? Some studies will say yes but more man negotiate about a car than women do. Men try and get the price down on average about $2,000.

Most women are more concerned and focused about the monthly payments so they work on that at the car dealership.

When you’re shopping around for a car you need to negotiate the total price of the vehicle and not just the monthly payment.

No matter whom you are man or women you could always use some tips on negotiating on a car. It all starts here:

  • Do your research have enough information on the car to make an informed offer
  • Negotiate the invoice price not the sticker price
  • You need to be confident
  • Be prepared to get turned down, but always move on there are better deals
  • Know when to give up on the car
  • Know when to say you’ll take the car – when the car dealer hits your price range with an offer take it!

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