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Now you want to purchase a new car from a car salesman? Well why not try to beat him at his own game. Here are 10 tips for starting off in the case of buying a car in New York City.

  1. Never ever paying the full asking price – there is always room for a discount. If you don’t like the price walk away but car salesman are given room to negotiate.
  2. Never show enthusiasm – car dealers catch on and think they have a sucker.
  3. Bring a buddy – you don’t want to feel alone in the negotiating and car dealers in New York City can do that to a lot of people. Have a strategy before heading to the car dealership for the cars your going to look at.
  4. Do your research – car dealers near you in New York City might have a good deal going on for their cars or they might just be chopping prices. Either way it pays to check it all out.
  5. Feel strong – prepare mentally to purchase a car you have goals make sure the car dealership comes through on them.

In case you’re selling your car in New York City

  1. You need to have an asking price in mind – and don’t never take anything under your asking price.
  2. Be aggressive – take a little more forward attitude. Don’t let anyone play with your emotions.
  3. Sell to a friend – sometimes your able to get more money when you sell to a friend rather than a car dealer in New York City
  4. Selling isn’t always the best option – you can donate your car or hand it in for a tax write off.
  5. Don’t fall for the little stuff – stay firm on your price don’t come down unless there are major issues with the car.

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