Doing a Monthly Check Up on Your Used Car

used car check up in AtlantaHere is a simple and fast check list for your cars “check up” to make sure everything is work well and is going to be safe on the road. You don’t want to be taking any road trips and have a problem, especially if it’s a used car.

Every month you should check the following and make sure they are still in working condition:

  • Oil levels – check for leaks, add if they are low
  • Hoses – replace if rotten
  • Belts – replace if worn or glazed
  • Tire pressure – add air if low
  • Coolant or antifreeze – add if low and check for leaks
  • Air filters – replace if dirty
  • Inspect tires – for damages or uneven wear. Get them rotated every time you get an oil change (about every 5,000 miles)

Now you will want to check these every 3 months:

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Windshield washer fluid – add if low
  • Power steering fluid – and if low
  • Transmission fluid – add if low
  • Battery and cables – clean if they need to be
  • Lights – make sure all lights are working and your turn signals too

For every 6 months you need to check the following:

  • Wiper blades – replace if needed
  • Horn
  • Brakes – inspect for wear and tear
  • Shocks – inspect for war and seepage
  • Spare tire – make sure its inflated
  • Exhaust system – look for rust and any damaged parts

Make sure that you take your car to the mechanic for most of these skilled jobs. You want to make sure you have a well oiled machine out on the road.

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