What Should You Do to Protect Your Credit Score After an Auto Accident in Florida?

credit score after an auto accident in Florida

This is a good question that a lot of people have but is it truly answered the way you need to hear it. After an auto accident can it hurt your credit score. While an auto accident doesn’t directly hurt your credit score there are things that may happen that will.

With an auto accident you may have some of the following issues. Like not being able to work so you have no money coming in, medical bills that are past due, and car repairs that you can’t afford.

All those things can add up to hurting your credit score because if you don’t have cash coming in your not going to be able to afford the car you drive or be able to repair it. You may not be able to buy another used car because you don’t have the funds because of medical bills.

How to protect your credit score after an auto accident in Florida

Protecting yourself with emergency funds or having a credit card for emergencies maybe useful. Most Americans now have at least two credit cards that they can use. You want a credit card that has a low interest rate if you can get it. Check your credit unions first they have the lowest interest rates at times.

If you need to get a new car or a pre-owned car in Florida you might want to look at getting a loan. Credit unions have good interest rates for auto loans. But you want to shop around for cars for sale with low down payments in Florida.

Keeping your credit score in good shape means paying your bills on time and keep an eye on your credit ratio, its good to keep your credit limit at about 30%.

After an auto accident you want to keep that good credit in good shape. Loans and credit cards can help but don’t let them lapse pay them and use them in emergencies only.

Paying your bills after a auto accident does help a lot

Making sure you pay your bills on time is the most important part of your credit score and when you need a new car in Florida that’s what most car dealership want to see so they can work better with their auto lenders on getting you a better car and a better interest rate.

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