What’s cars should you hold on to the longest and how to finance them

When you buy a car you want to keep it for a long time so you get your moneys worth out of it don’t you?

Well some car buyers are like that an others are not like that so what do you do? You buy a car for the time your going to use it.

If you have bad credit you usually buy used cars or try and get the best auto financing possible or shop at buy here pay here car lots.

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But let’s run down the types of used cars you want to look at keeping the longest once you buy them. Remember when buying your car new or used you want to purchase for your needs.

Always do your research a head of time and get auto financing before you head out to any car dealers.

You want to test drive the cars and calculate what you need for a down payment all the way to what the car will cost you every month and make sure it works within your budget.

Your shopping for a car that’s going to last you a couple of years not months or weeks.

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Here are the top 10 new cars owners keep the longest

  1. Land Cruiser (Toyota)
  2. Porsche Boxster
  3. Ford Expedition
  4. Mercedes Benz SLK
  5. Ford Explorer
  6. Sequoia (Toyota)
  7. Chevy Corvette
  8. Avalon (Toyota)
  9. 4Runner (Toyota)
  10. Audi TT

So let’s recap the purchase of a new or used car. You need to do your research. Test drive the vehicles you want. Do the math on what you can afford and get financed before the car dealership.

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